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Loud Sound is Not Enough

It's not enough to just have a fire alarm or security system in your building. The alarm itself can only serve to warn people of danger while they are in the building, but monitoring service takes immediate action to provide lifesaving assistance directly to the site any time - day or night.

If your building has a fire alarm connected to a sprinkler system, monitoring is a code required by the state fire marshal. When there’s any detection of danger from fire or smoke, the sensors connected to the alarm panel send a signal to a central station where live operators are on standby, ready to dispatch emergency responders and notify key personnel.

The signal can be sent over the internet, cellular phone, radio or standard phone line. These signals also help keep your system fully compliant by sending trouble signals to notify you when there is a faulty device on the system that needs attention. Monitoring is not required, but highly recommended for security and access control systems. After all, most burglaries occur when you are not there, and many times thieves are not as deterred by a loud sound as they are from the blue flashing lights of law enforcement responders. Active monitoring service provides you with non-stop surveillance of your building's safety condition 24/7/365. It's like have your own security guard without the huge expense.

Types of Monitoring

- Fire
- Security
- Access Control
- Temperature Control
(for Restaurant Freezers etc...)
- Other environmental metrics include humidity, light level, barometric pressure and more

PFS partners with Affiliated Monitoring for 24/7 call service. Affiliated provides real time response using live agents, around the clock with redundant call centers located in Texas and in New Jersey. Each has state of the art emergency back up power.

Monitoring Through PFS offers your business multiple advantages
• Live Agent Monitoring 24/7

• Business Intelligence Tools - SeeMyAlarm phone app (APPLE) (GOOGLE)allows you to manage and edit emergency call lists, put your system on and off test, view information about your system, set up fire drills, and see test reports and more all from your smart device.

• PFS's monitoring centers powered by Affiliated Monitoring are 100% redundant and load-sharing. Both of their UL Listed, TMA Five Diamond Certified and FDNY approved monitoring centers are built, staffed and maintained to meet and exceed the stringent standards for uptime, redundancy and customer service.

• We Adopt and Monitor Any Existing Hardware - If it has a connected sensor, Affiliated will monitor it. We can accept environmental data in almost any format and over any communications network—IP, cellular, wireless and even dial-up connection. Our extensible API can consume any kind of environmental metrics including temperature, humidity, light level, barometric pressure and more. 

Professional Fire & Security


For a busy contractor trying to finalize a CO for a building owner, the last thing you want is a delay or a failed inspection. If there is no monitoring set up with a live signal on the day of the walk through, it could delay your CO for days or weeks waiting for paperwork, installation, activation and getting the fire marshal back for another inspection.

At PFS we have personnel dedicated to tracking this important service in conjunction with building owners and property managers to insure a monitored system at the final building inspection.

For busy business owners, we understand that alarm monitoring is something running silently in the background and can be easily forgotten, and the very last thing on your mind.

At PFS, we make the process fast and easy for all of our customers with a four step process.

• Initial Consultation—We will partner with you to understand your needs, expectations, and budget. Together, we will review monitoring options and explore our full spectrum of services and capabilities.

• Contracts—Our contracts are uncomplicated with an initial 3 year term, followed by year-to-year auto renewal that can be cancelled with a 30 days advanced notice. We can offer quarterly or annual payment schedules.

• Installation and Activation—We never charge our customers for equipment, installation, maintenance or initial activation. Once you have chosen your option, we send a technician to install a receiver on your panel and set up signal activation with the central station. You will provide an emergency call list of key personnel to be notified by the station in the case of an event.

• Post Activation and Tech Support —Once your system is activated with the central station, a PFS technician will train you on how to use your monitoring app on your smart device. We are also available anytime to place your system on hold when you are conducting testing, inspections or drills, or if your system requires troubleshooting or service.

Pro Fire and Security
Pro Fire and Security

Professional Fire & Security


At Professional Fire & Security LLC, our certified technicians, engineers, and knowledgeable sales staff can design, install, inspect and maintain your fire protection systems and products. Our experts will ensure your business meets and exceeds all local and national fire codes and regulations and that your people are properly trained on all required fire safety products.

We’re not just protecting buildings–we’re protecting lives. And for over 35 years, our customers have put their trust in us to protect both.


Providing Life Safety - One Building at a time